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EZ Port personal watercraft (PWC) lifts are the original, drive-on, push-off method of dry-docking your PWC. There is no need for winching, cranking, pumping, or hoisting. EZ Port PWC lifts are capable of lifting any Sea-Doo, JetSki, or Waverunner.  Plus, supplemental floatation is available for larger and heavier PWCs.
EZ Port PWC lifts can be mounted as part of the EZ Dock floating modular dock system, to any existing dock, or used as a stand-alone docking station.  EZ Port adjusts with water levels and protects your personal watercraft from damage caused by wind or wave action.
EZ Port is a one-piece unit with adjustable rollers making docking and launching a breeze.  Rollers are easily adjusted to fit any type of Sea-Doo, Waverunner, or JetSki.  EZ Port PWC lift installation requires few tools and very little time.  However, installation is available if needed. The EZ Port dry-docking system is the fastest, simplest, and easiest personal watercraft storage to use.
Features and Benefits

Low maintenance 
Beige and Gray color 
Variety of dock anchoring options 
Convenient dock accessories 
Versatile modular design 
Secure connection couplers 
Strength and flexibility 
Safe, slip resistant dock surface 
Four season accessibility 
168” x 58.5” x 15"  

156" x 80" x 15"

EZ Port MAX 2i

EZ Port 280

350 lbs.

400 lbs.

1700 lbs.

2000 lbs.

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South Florida
EZ Dock
(954) 260-6955
EZ Port 2i
South Florida
EZ Dock
(954) 260-6955
EZ Port® PWC Lift Features and Benefits

Exceptional stability on water 
Safe, slip-resistant surface
Low or no maintenance
Protects PWC from wind and waves
Easy on, easy off rollers
Safety bulkhead and cleat
Easy installation
Attaches to existing dock
Long-term value
Great investment 

South Florida
EZ Dock
(954) 260-6955
The best PWC lift on the market today, the EZ Port 2i features a revolutionary self-adjusting design that allows for smooth and effortless loading and unloading.

Accommodates PWC’s of all shapes and sizes up to 1,700 lbs.
Self-adjusting and self-centering rollers move laterally for the easiest entry on the market
Split-entry design guides the PWC into the bunks, making it easier to load
Adjustable roller system accommodates different hull shape 14′ length
The EZ Port 280 widebody design is the widest port on the market, with 10” additional walkway space on each side of the craft, making loading and unloading effortless no matter the type of waterfront location. 

The EZ Port 280 is the perfect solution for those looking for an easy-to-access, drive-on port to keep their PWC high and dry in both saltwater and freshwater applications. Designed for PWC enthusiasts, the EZ Port 280 combines EZ Dock’s quality and durability with 33% more width than our most popular PWC port. In addition, this game-changing expanded design allows for greater ease when cleaning and maintaining your PWC. The EZ Port 280 connects seamlessly with any EZ Dock system, is compatible with all existing docks, and can be secured to the shore or lakebed without a dock. 
EZ Port 280