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Accessories Make the Dock!

EZ Dock knows how valuable your relaxation time is.  Every piece of our dock systems are engineered to ensure safe, durable, and low maintenance features.  Our engineering and design teams are also water enthusiast.  This team knows what it means to have fun in the sun!  EZ Dock keeps creating products to use with your EZ Dock floating docks and personal watercraft lifts to maximize your relaxation time.  Many of our accessory products can be used with existing wood docks as well.  Check with your local dealer to see which products are right for your dock.
The new dock bumper comes complete, ready to install onto any dock.
Part #: 300180 
EZ Dock storage box is permanently mounted and constructed of weather-resistant materials. The storage box is a great place to store life jackets, towels, and any other essential supplies.
Part #:  300750
Our corner storage box has roomy storage in a compact design that makes the most of available space without interfering with foot traffic. Connection boxes for complete utility hookups through this box are also available.
Part #: 300755
The popular slide is a great addition to your floating dock for added family fun.  The slide utilizes rugged, durable, polyvinyl-coated steps, and a one-piece polyethylene bed-way, for a smooth ride.  Install with almost any EZ Dock where water depth is more than 5''™ (1.5m). 
Part #: 300600
EZ Dock swim ladder is a one-piece polyethylene ladder designed for maximum safety, with no exposed hardware and supports up to 400Lbs. (181kg) of weight capacity.  Slip-resistant textured surface stays cool in hot weather.
Part #:  300260
Relax and take a seat in EZ Dock''™s polyethylene dock bench.  EZ to clean and with the arm option, it comes complete with cup holders for your cool-refreshing drink.  Hardware is included with both options to attach to any EZ Dock system.
Part #: 300970
Part #: 300965 without arm rest
Need an extra boost? Supplemental floatation attaches under dock sections and EZ Port lifts to increase floatation capacity where certain applications may need to support extra weight.
Part #: 206013
Constructed of durable vinyl, EZ Dock edging provides a soft cushion to protect water vessels from the sides of docks and vise versa.  This product can also be used with regular existing docks to a updated look.
Part #: 400116
Need to move a dock section? With EZ Dock dock wheels, you can do just that. Constructed of steel frames and polyethylene wheels that make movement of docks easier. Perfect for docks at camps and colder climates where dock sections are taken out on an annuals basis. Sold in pairs.
Part #: 900050
The patented EZ Dock coupler tool makes installation EZ. The coupler tool simplifies in-water connection of boat lift parts and dock sections.
Part #: 900010
Constructed of polyethylene, EZ Dock security curbing provides a safe boarder around dock edges for wheelchairs. The dark brown color provides a matching contrast for easy visibility for your dock.
Part #: 35116 
Need to channel electricity or water to and from your dock? Our utility channel allows just that. The two-piece chase-way attaches to the side of the EZ Dock sections, allowing conduit for utilities.  Available in 60'' (152.4cm) or 20'' (50.8cm) length sections and stainless-steel hardware options to match your specific needs.  Each section is 20'' (50.8cm) wide.
Part #: 302060 (60''x20'')
Part #: 303260SS (60''x20'' stainless steel)
Part #: 302020 (20''x20'')
Part #: 302020SS (20''x20'' stainless steel) 
EZ Dock Utility Channel Inside Corner Utility conduit can be tucked neatly inside two-piece chaseway attached at junction of dock sections. Available with stainless-steel hardware. 
Part #: 302030, 302030SS
Add a shortcut to your dock! Corner gussets offer added deck surface and stability to dock fingers when needed.
Part #: 300501
Want to add an EZ Dock to your existing floating docks for added room?  You can, with a transition kit made from EZ Dock.  This hinged polyethylene plate creates a smooth transition between EZ Dock and another existing floating dock or PWC lift. 
Part #: 100717 (15'' / 38.1cm)
Part #: 100718 (30'' / 76.2cm) 
EZ Dock tie down cleats attach to heavy-duty stainless steel T-nuts molded in pairs around dock section perimeters.  Cleats are 8'' (20.32cm) long.
Part #: 300100
$16 per cleat
  The corner utility channels allows for convenient installation where dock layouts require conduit to be installed around the outside corner of a dock section.  Available with stainless-steel hardware for your specific application needs.
Part #: 302040
Part #: 302040SS (stainless steel)  
South Florida
EZ Dock
(954) 260-6955

South Florida
EZ Dock
(954) 260-6955