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South Florida
EZ Dock
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Constructed of either polyethylene or steel, both of which are long-lasting, durable materials that can range from light- to heavy-duty, they provide a wide range of reliable options to construct or anchor a personal watercraft dock or EZ Port for nearly any use and water application.

Heavy-duty polyethylene pipe bracket allows floating boat docks to adjust to changing water levels. Part #: 210250, 210350
Standard-duty bracket provides ample anchoring for EZ Port PWC lifts, or for smaller docks in moderate conditions. Part #: 130250, 130350

$150 per bracket

Reversible hinge allows you to bolt EZ Port PWC lifts or EZ Dock sections to other types of floating docks. Part #: 100750, 100750SS
Add a deadweight insert to our heavy-duty polyethylene pipe bracket to anchor docks in deep water or over rocky bottoms. Part #: 210350, 100725P
A  Deadweight insert and cable winch added to our polyethylene pipe bracket allows easy dock adjustment for water fluctuations. Cable sold separately.
Part #: 210350, 100730
For light-duty anchoring with chain and/or to attach 4" x 4" (10cm x 10cm) railing or mooring posts. Chain sold separately. Part #: 100740, 100740SS
Anchor to a shoreline abutment or to a shoreline post with our heavy-duty stiff-arm. Light-duty stiff-arm bracket also available. Part #: 800099, 800099SSHW
Heavy-duty polyethylene bracket allows lateral position adjustment to attach to piles up to 18" (46cm) in diameter. Part #: 300800 
Auger with bolt and nut allows for drilling and setting pipe in lake, river or ocean bottoms. Pipe sold separately. Part #: 100255, 100355
Galvanized steel, mechanical-grade pipe provides economical anchoring in shallow water.

$225 Per Pipe Kit 
(includes pvc sleeve and cap)
Polyurethane bracket attaches top of pipe to stationary docks. Fits pipe from 2.5" (6cm) to 3.5" (9cm) O.D. Part #: 105100
Mainframe piling bracket is predrilled for hoops from 4" (10cm) to 24" (61cm) wide. Includes connectors with nuts. Hoops sold separately. Part #: 100800, 100800SSHW
Once your EZ Dock or EZ Port personal watercraft dock system is in place, you can rest assured that it will stay intact.  Our wide-variety of anchoring components are simple to install and safe to use.
South Florida
EZ Dock
(954) 260-6955